Iris….The Great Divide

This is how you know it’s time for the Great Divide and Conquer project of separating your iris.  They are now in a large clump as seen in the picture above. Unlike the single stem blooms when they were first planted….remember how you wished they would multiply? Keep reading for what to do next. Once…

Lemon frost

Sounds refreshing on a hot summer day, doesn’t it? Every time one of these blooms it reminds me of a frosty lemonade treat. Hope this cools you off and inspires you to treat yourself today.

Hollyhock update

Perhaps they are more on the magenta area of the color wheel.. still loving the color. Did you know that you can save the seeds after the blooms dry out and plant next year? Another great way #salvagegardener is saving money and beautifying your garden.

Hollyhock #salvagegardener rescue

I saved a bunch of these last year before a local house was demolished. The ones I saved were pink. Today just when I need a little lift it looks like the one that came back is purple!