1 month anniversary Celebration

ONE month anniversary celebration

Ask Darlene… Lilies and Nine Bark shrubs

Overwintering your lilies in flower pots. Pine Bark shrubs…can they be saved?  What should I do with lily bulbs during the winter? They are in pots? Also, I have 3 Pine Bark shrubs that get full sun and are drought resistant….but they are dying. They should bloom in the spring, summer and leaves turn to…

Iris….The Great Divide

This is how you know it’s time for the Great Divide and Conquer project of separating your iris.  They are now in a large clump as seen in the picture above. Unlike the single stem blooms when they were first planted….remember how you wished they would multiply? Keep reading for what to do next. Once…

Weather watch, yes you should watch the weather before you travel or else…

Remember to check and double-check and recheck the weather before you startthe planning and packing. That’s essential and the reason why the Accuweatherbutton comes first on this page.   No one likes to be unprepared on the ground, air, or sea. Stay tuned to this page for more adventure!

Aspen flowers

Stroll around the town of Aspen and enjoy the flowers.

Don’t get beat by beets

Beets have been a challenge for me to grow. I love seeing their full green leaves with the magenta veins popping out. It makes me wonder what’s happening below their beautiful display. Early in my experiments, I harvested all wrong. First, much to my dismay when I pulled the greens they popped off the beet….