Ask Darlene… Lilies and Nine Bark shrubs

Overwintering your lilies in flower pots. Pine Bark shrubs…can they be saved?  What should I do with lily bulbs during the winter? They are in pots? Also, I have 3 Pine Bark shrubs that get full sun and are drought resistant….but they are dying. They should bloom in the spring, summer and leaves turn to…

Don’t buy that bicycle!

Use 2 wheels but not 2 cents for this salvage gardener decoration. Bicycles in the garden bring me a sense of nostalgia. I wonder where is it from, where has it been, and how did it get to this place? You might already have an old bike that’s never going to see a road again,…

Hanging baskets

The beauty of hanging baskets always takes me by surprise. Maybe it’s because you are looking up at such a kaleidoscope of color. Or it could be because yours looks dead, the day after you put it out. Let’s start with the basic life support. Set an alarm to water daily. If the basket is…

Let’s zoom through the zinnias

Let’s have some fun today and zoom through this slideshow of zinnias grown in my garden. Perhaps the colors will raise your spirits enough to sow a few seeds for a #therapygarden of your own.

Surprise guest

Surprise here at  AroundTheGardenWithDarlene today…this bloomed in a clump of orange daylilies. Apparently the #salvagegardener scored this treasure from somewhere.

The importance of water

The American Waterworks Association ( used a quote I love… “You can’t make more”. That being said, it is wise to use as little as possible when gardening but don’t skimp. The ominous title of #blackthumb is often caused by this. Plants will dry up or reduce production of blooms and fruits. Water features can…

It all starts with dirt, water, and some imagination

So you love to enjoy other people’s gardens–it’s-their problem, not yours? You have a black thumb. Well folks, the secret is in the title of this page. If you have dirt, water, and imagination, you CAN be a gardener.