Pretty ways to enjoy your flowers

use etsy store to buy homemade wall vase like this.

Iris….The Great Divide

This is how you know it’s time for the Great Divide and Conquer project of separating your iris.  They are now in a large clump as seen in the picture above. Unlike the single stem blooms when they were first planted….remember how you wished they would multiply? Keep reading for what to do next. Once…

Thrill, fill, and spill

Enjoy this magnificent example of how to do container gardening right. All of the elements are beautifully mixed here, including a variety of colorful petunias and the bright green sweet potato vine (this type is ornamental only). I love how this large bowl is mounted on top of a brick column. A true eye-catching element…

Spring ahead in the fall

What could be better than a daffodil popping up after a long cold winter? A double daffodil! Now is the time to order yours to plant this fall. Make your Spring of 2021 be twice as nice!

Drop and go flower baskets

Love this drop and go planter from #provenwinners at #homedepot. Easy and fast. I usually find these have more unique plants than the singles you can buy. Don’t forget to either install a drip line sprinkler head inside the flower pot or go for a self -watering pot. Summers are hot and will crisp these…