Thrill, fill, and spill

Enjoy this magnificent example of how to do container gardening right. All of the elements are beautifully mixed here, including a variety of colorful petunias and the bright green sweet potato vine (this type is ornamental only). I love how this large bowl is mounted on top of a brick column. A true eye-catching element…

Lemon frost

Sounds refreshing on a hot summer day, doesn’t it? Every time one of these blooms it reminds me of a frosty lemonade treat. Hope this cools you off and inspires you to treat yourself today.

Spring ahead in the fall

What could be better than a daffodil popping up after a long cold winter? A double daffodil! Now is the time to order yours to plant this fall. Make your Spring of 2021 be twice as nice!

Hanging baskets

The beauty of hanging baskets always takes me by surprise. Maybe it’s because you are looking up at such a kaleidoscope of color. Or it could be because yours looks dead, the day after you put it out. Let’s start with the basic life support. Set an alarm to water daily. If the basket is…

Cosmic confetti

Well more like Cosmos activity. These plants can be grown from seed pretty easily. They start out looking like little ferns, some might even suspect them to be weeds. When they get to about 3 feet tall the confetti of color starts their own garden party. Bonus fact about the cosmos is that they will…

Sun or shade?

Traditional wisdom and those cute little tags at garden centers are usually pretty straight forward. The plant needs sun OR shade. Some people think this is the law of the garden. In reality, this photo I took this week shows a gigantic specimen of a zucchini plant that is exploding in the shade under a…

Arctic sunflower

Behold the beauty of this plentiful beauty now blossoming all over the upper regions of #RMNP at Rocky Mountain National Park.

The importance of water

The American Waterworks Association ( used a quote I love… “You can’t make more”. That being said, it is wise to use as little as possible when gardening but don’t skimp. The ominous title of #blackthumb is often caused by this. Plants will dry up or reduce production of blooms and fruits. Water features can…

Hollyhock update

Perhaps they are more on the magenta area of the color wheel.. still loving the color. Did you know that you can save the seeds after the blooms dry out and plant next year? Another great way #salvagegardener is saving money and beautifying your garden.