Lavender dreams

enjoying the last lavender stems in the garden

Saving The Garden From Frost.

Winter is coming… Saving the garden from frost is on every Colorado gardener’s mind this week. It’s time to celebrate again at Around The Garden With Darlene, featuring new videos on our YouTube Channel! Come along and watch some preventive action in the garden. Get started and protect the garden from the frost and cold…

Morning Glory

What a great way to start your day, with some cheery photographs of a Morning Glory vine with deep purple blooms. This one was actually a surprise in my garden this year. I was weeding the garden next to the fence and noticed the green leaves attached to a very long thin stem. As I…

Don’t get beat by beets

Beets have been a challenge for me to grow. I love seeing their full green leaves with the magenta veins popping out. It makes me wonder what’s happening below their beautiful display. Early in my experiments, I harvested all wrong. First, much to my dismay when I pulled the greens they popped off the beet….