Salvage gardener

White picket fence with purple clematis vines.

More class, less cash

Sometimes cheaper is better. Most times, FREE is a favorite four-letter word. Keep your eyes and ears open for giveaways online, in the alleys, or my personal favorite…salvage plants. That makes me a #salvagegardener. If an older home is going to be demolished, you might hit the jackpot. Call the owner, realtor, or builder for permission to bring your shovel and pick up truck to haul away your treasures. I have scored some beautiful established plants and fun vintage items to enhance my garden. Next time you fall into the black hole of web surfing, check sites like Nextdoor or Facebook marketplace. I am always amazed by the unique things that people are looking to rehome. Often for free!!

Come along on the adventures of the #salvagegardener


Don’t buy that bicycle!

Use 2 wheels but not 2 cents for this salvage gardener decoration.

Bicycle in the garden

Bicycles in the garden bring me a sense of nostalgia. I wonder where is it from, where has it been, and how did it get to this place?

You might already have an old bike that’s never going to see a road again, or maybe someone you know has one collecting dirt in their garage. Time to put on your #salvagegardener hat and see if you can get it for your garden.

Once you have the bicycle here’s a list of ideas to help it brighten up a nook in your garden.

  • Give it a rinse with the hose. If that doesn’t help go ahead and paint it a bright color. Keep in mind where you’ll place it so the color doesn’t blend in with the surrounding plants.
  • Add baskets or racks. Look around your place first, they are easily found around your house or a neighbor may be ready to part with some of their own. They can be woven, an actual bicycle rack, or even flower pots that you attach to the handlebars. It’s not going anywhere, so unleash your creativity.
  • Make sure you have your watering plan in advance. Are you going to hook it up to the sprinklers with a drip line? Will you need containers that drain?
  • Finally, the highlight of this ride: Gather some plants from your garden or even make bouquets of fresh flowers to welcome your new addition. Enjoy!

Surprise guests in the garden

Surprise today…this bloomed in a clump of orange daylilies. The #salvagegardener scored this treasure from somewhere đŸ™‚ If the flowers are not in bloom, it’s a gamble on what color or variety of #daylilies you will get. These were a real score in yellow. Keep an eye on the blog for new photos.

Colorful Daylilies

Thanks for sharing your dirt!