Pumpkin Spice and more that makes Fall nice.

Welcome Fall and Pumpkins.

Aspen flowers

Stroll around the town of Aspen and enjoy the flowers.

Don’t get beat by beets

Beets have been a challenge for me to grow. I love seeing their full green leaves with the magenta veins popping out. It makes me wonder what’s happening below their beautiful display. Early in my experiments, I harvested all wrong. First, much to my dismay when I pulled the greens they popped off the beet….

Thrill, fill, and spill

Enjoy this magnificent example of how to do container gardening right. All of the elements are beautifully mixed here, including a variety of colorful petunias and the bright green sweet potato vine (this type is ornamental only). I love how this large bowl is mounted on top of a brick column. A true eye-catching element…

Don’t buy that bicycle!

Use 2 wheels but not 2 cents for this salvage gardener decoration. Bicycles in the garden bring me a sense of nostalgia. I wonder where is it from, where has it been, and how did it get to this place? You might already have an old bike that’s never going to see a road again,…

Lemon frost

Sounds refreshing on a hot summer day, doesn’t it? Every time one of these blooms it reminds me of a frosty lemonade treat. Hope this cools you off and inspires you to treat yourself today.

Spring ahead in the fall

What could be better than a daffodil popping up after a long cold winter? A double daffodil! Now is the time to order yours to plant this fall. Make your Spring of 2021 be twice as nice!

Harvest baskets

Be optimistic about your harvest, and select a large basket with a sturdy handle. After all, you’re hoping to fill it at least once a day right? I received this basket full of gifts and repurposed it for our garden bounty this season. I also love that it has a plastic liner for easy cleanup….

Hanging baskets

The beauty of hanging baskets always takes me by surprise. Maybe it’s because you are looking up at such a kaleidoscope of color. Or it could be because yours looks dead, the day after you put it out. Let’s start with the basic life support. Set an alarm to water daily. If the basket is…