Garden therapy. Make some noise!!

Learn how to make your own maracas with gourds from your garden.

Lavender dreams

enjoying the last lavender stems in the garden

Ask Darlene… Lilies and Nine Bark shrubs

Overwintering your lilies in flower pots. Pine Bark shrubs…can they be saved?  What should I do with lily bulbs during the winter? They are in pots? Also, I have 3 Pine Bark shrubs that get full sun and are drought resistant….but they are dying. They should bloom in the spring, summer and leaves turn to…

Saving The Garden From Frost.

Winter is coming… Saving the garden from frost is on every Colorado gardener’s mind this week. It’s time to celebrate again at Around The Garden With Darlene, featuring new videos on our YouTube Channel! Come along and watch some preventive action in the garden. Get started and protect the garden from the frost and cold…