Best vines for your time, the fast-growing ornamental sweet potato vine.

Cheap, fast-growing, and pretty, meet the garden filling and color pop of sweet potato vines.

Ornamental only, not for snacking, unless you’re a rabbit.

Sweet potato vine
Lime green sweet potato vines, growing out of a cleverly hidden pot inside of a tree.

These fast-growing vines have been a favorite of mine for years. The first time I discovered them was in the horticulture paradise of the Walt Disney World Resort. During a short staycation, I was lucky to be the only one who showed up for a free tour. I remember seeing the lime green vines coming out of containers and knew I wanted to get some for my home garden. I might have also secretly wished for the budget and resources they have onsite too.

The first one I bought in a 6″ container from good ole Home Depot for the bargain price of $2.79 quickly provided a thick and colorful ground cover in a partly shady, partly sunny garden. Then it grew, grew, and grew. These are very fast-growing vines in my experience wherever I’ve planted them. I’d have to whack off a few leaves or runners that headed toward the lawn but not often.

As a matter of fact, it’s probably been about 20 years since I placed that plant and it would not surprise me at all if it’s still thriving in the Florida heat.

This popular container garden element also grows well in Colorado. The cold weather will eventually freeze the plant. Until then you can expect miles of beautiful foliage.

If you can’t decide what you like more, lime or purple, I found a mix that contains both. Kind of like a swirl margarita. How is that for a refreshing break after a hot day in the garden. For me, choosing just one color provides more contrast and draws the eye to the details of the garden.

Pick your colors, margarita anyone?

Sweet Potato Vines
Three varieties of ornamental sweet potato vines.

The Margarita version is dark purple and also provides a nice contrast. I have the vision to intertwine some with a moonflower vine. I think the contrast would be dramatic and magical with some twinkling white lights, don’t you?

For the summer of 2021, I had found the sweet potato vines pictured above at my favorite, Nick’s Garden Center and Farm Market in Aurora, Colorado. Note the pop of color the bright lime brings to the picture. Can’t you picture it in your flowerpot gardens right now?

Thanks for sharing your dirt!