Easy installations: Flowerpot Gardens by Around The Garden With Darlene

Flowerpot Garden by Around The Garden with Darlene

Welcome. After a successful Saturday morning of Flowerpot Gardening, I thought I’d share some behind-the-scenes details of a spectacular Mother’s Day present I was hired to design.

The Flowerpot Garden by Around The Garden by Darlene process begins with a visit to the client’s home. It was a great start to see what she had grown in the garden already so I could get a feel for what she liked and doesn’t like in the garden. I took some photos of the yard, jotted some notes, sketched a diagram of the proposed layout of the large Flowerpot Garden, and the existing very large cement container for reference.

Then it was off to the garden center. Personally, here in Colorado, my favorite place to go for a huge selection of flowers and plants is Nick’s Garden Center and Farm Market. They have an incredibly helpful staff who will walk the selections with you or send you in the right direction. Customer service and high quality are very important to the staff at Nick’s. All of the plants are also sorted by category, annual, perennial, and have very visible hanging signs to help you find your way around the garden center.

So after being greeted by the friendly staff, I grabbed a cart and checked my notes. Using the fill, thrill, and spill method I collected a broad selection based on my notes from my visit with the client.

Nick’s has these great 2 level carts. Ironically the top shelf was about the same size as the giant flowerpot I was shopping to fill. But first I grouped and photographed some selections to narrow down the look and feel the client was looking to achieve in her Flowerpot Garden.

As part of my customer service with Consulting Services at Around The Garden With Darlene, I set up a few arrangements and texted some photos to the customer. Once we narrowed things down a bit more, we did a video call and pared down the selections even more. One final photo of the bounty of color and styles she selected and I was off to the checkout.

Tip-if you are headed to the garden center this summer, be sure to bring a hat, wearing sunscreen, and a bring a water bottle. I love my refillable S’well brand one. Of course, mine is purple! Please check out their site for the large selection of colors and styles. I love them because they don’t leak and keep your beverage cool for hours, even in the hot sun.

For safekeeping and a fresh-looking delivery, once I arrived home I unloaded the plants into my garden cart and watered throughly with a hose and some Miracle-Gro last night.

To avoid the heatwave we are experiencing in Colorado, it was an early start the next morning, As I headed out to the client’s home equipped with my shovels, garden gloves, kneeling pad, and extra potting soil I was pretty excited to get started on the project. I unloaded and staged the plants in the pot, just like the photo I took at the garden center. Once the client came out and approved it, it was time to get dirty.

The client really wanted to make sure there were some tall plants to highlight the back of the Flowerpot Garden. I completed that with 2 tall foxgloves. I was grateful I brought some extra potting soil for the next part. If you don’t have tall plants, just pile in a few scoops of potting soil to raise the dirt level.

Then I continued copying the approved arrangement, rerouted the irrigation line so it was not visible, cut off any brown leaves, and took a picture of the grand finale.

What do you think now? Above your skillset?

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