Crocus, first signs of spring

Blizzard heading to Colorado

Have you been lucky enough to see a pop of color from the lovely crocus in your garden yet?

Yellow crocus
Yellow crocus

Don’t have any? Well get out there for a nice walk and enjoy them. And mark your calendar to grab a bag or two of these perennial bulb favorites to plan in the fall.

Crocus will multiply over the seasons, try to plant them in bunches for a burst of color in your garden.

Garden Checklist pre-Blizzard

Anything that have survived this far into the winter will probably be just fine.

If you have an delicate blooms, consider covering them up with empty flower pots, can, or plastic containers. I like to re-use the ones from It’s a local favorite that is so popular they get crowds during the snowy winter months. And in the summer their waiting line wraps around the corner almost daily.

Here’s your list for Blizzard of 2021 Garden prep:

Checklist pre-Blizzard

  • Cover all delicate plants that have started to bloom.
  • If there are flower buds, consider cutting them. Put into water inside and enjoy the blooms as you watch the snowfall outside.
  • Heavy wet snow on bushes or tree limbs, cause damage to the plant. Cover these items if you can or at least try to get out there and brush off the snow and lessen the weight on the branches.
  • Even worse, that same heavy snow could bring down power lines. Keep your local utilities emergency number in your contacts lists.
  • Remember to charge up all of your batteries including cell phones, laptops, extra batteries(block chargers). Maybe even download a movie or video to get you inspired to start planning your Spring 2021 garden.
  • Stay safe and warm my friends. Follow for year-round tips for your garden.

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