Garden therapy. Make some noise!!

Harvest crafts and entertainment you make at home.

Making music from the garden

Remember my recent post about growing gourds? Do you need some garden therapy or to make some noise? Do you have a great story to tell about the first time you picked up a set of maracas? Then check out this crafty idea, I just discovered through a link in an email from Get ready to have some fun and make new memories.

This is such a great project. Because gourds aren’t exactly a great snack for people, some folks think it is a waste of their time to grow them. You can use them for a holiday tablescape or even make a birdhouse. If that bores you, read on…

Others have more creative visions and crafty ideas, like these homemade Maracas. Yes, you might have a souvenir set of these from a vacation. Or a child’s toy. Now you’ll have the information to make your own set of maracas right at home. With things, you might have at home, like an abundance of gourds and dried beans.

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Easy homemade gift idea

You could even incorporate this into the current homeschooling situation you’re in. Create a lesson place about the history of maracas or the cultures that they are used in for celebrations.

And whose grandparents wouldn’t want a set of these?

See how many Christmas songs you can play on your new Maracas.

Create a new holiday theme song to celebrate this year.

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We look forward to seeing your kind of #gardentherapy. Happy crafting!

Thanks for sharing your dirt!