Lavender dreams

End of the lavender growing season

lavender pinwheel
Lavender pinwheel view from above

Sometimes it leaves you with lavender dreams of your lavender love in the summer’s garden.

Did you remember to cut off the stems with blooms before they froze? I managed to capture this image before old man winter came along. Isn’t it a lovely pinwheel of a display?

How to make your own, DIY lavender project

If you remembered to cut off the stems with bright open purple flowers you can refer to my post on how to enjoy them all year round. They always remind me of a spa, with a subtle soothing lavender scent in the air.

Holiday gifts of lavender

If you love lavender and need to relieve stress, and who doesn’t these days, here is a link to one of my all- time favorite gifts from Origins, called FEEL GOOD HUG™. Anyone I’ve gifted with one of these still uses it and I get an occasional phone call when they are using their hug too. Most of my friends and family have one. They sell out fast, so if you are not sure if you want one, order a few. Origins only has them for sale them around Thanksgiving to Christmas. The joy of the warm relaxing heat with a lavender dream of how you’ll put some of this purple beauty in next year’s garden.

Please comment below with your ideas on lavender DIY projects or your hug!

Thanks for sharing your dirt!