Life Below Freezing

A reposting of the green tomato story

Pick them green! Hello fellow gardeners, it’s going down to 32 degrees in our garden tonight! I thought a modification of a “Ask Darlene” topic might be helpful to you today.

Freeze warning. Pick them green. Tomatoes.
Freeze tonight

I have recently heard that a lot of people don’t realize you can pick them green. Yes, your tomatoes can be picked when they are green.!!! Store them in a cool dry, place for a few weeks. You’ll have an extended season of fresh tomatoes.

Store-bought tomatoes often are a little green right?

Why not do the same with your harvest?

To pick or not to pick those green tomatoes

If you are in a zone where you know the frost and possibly freezing temperatures are coming fast, grab your buckets. You can reference how to prepare your garden for freezing temperatures in my post – Saving The Garden From Frost.

Pick your tomato when they are green. Ripen inside.
Harvesting before the frost.

Use anything you can to grab all of the tomatoes and bring them inside your home. Leaving them out is a risk and if they freeze, they will get squishy and rot. Great for the squirrels, not so much for the humans.

Treasure chest of tomatoes

Where you ask? Why in the basement of course! Take all of your green tomatoes and put them in any kind of open container for storage. If you don’t have a basement, any cool place in your house will suffice. Don’t put them in the refrigerator, sometimes that can cause the tomatoes to have a mealy texture. I know sounds silly, but we do this every Fall and most years we’ve had freshly ripened tomatoes well into December.

Tomatoes can ripen inside your home, after harvesting before a frost.

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  1. Donna Saladino says:

    I followed your green tomato advice from a few weeks ago and watched in amazement when they started turning red. I thought I may have picked them too soon.

    Even better, I thought my tomato plants were done for the season, but they somehow found a way to produce another batch of green tomatoes.

    Even my cherry tomato plant that got a very late start has a few ready to be picked.

    Thanks again for the advice!

Thanks for sharing your dirt!