1 month anniversary Celebration

It’s the anniversary of our first official month of Around The Garden with Darlene.

We are celebrating!

Watch our one month anniversary celebration video.

Welcome to our official one-month anniversary celebration. Thank you to everyone who has viewed, liked, followed, commented, and sent questions on the Ask Darlene page. Especially those who have shared our posts here and on our social media channels! We are off to a blooming start!

The path to the celebration

Garden path to the celebration

We’ve shared photos, recipes, tips, and DIY project ideas with you. Where are we headed next at Around The Garden With Darlene?

As Fall approaches, look for more tips on how to get your garden ready for Winter. Are you preparing to get those colorful Spring bulbs planted.? Remember Fall is the time to do most of that. Once the first frost has come and gone from your climate growing zone, get out your garden shovels and get planting.

Planting zones. Which one are you in?

If you are not sure what zone you are in, here’s a link to a map in the United States to do your research.

Don’t forget to share photos and let us know what you’re doing around YOUR garden! Tell us what you want to see and do. Around The Garden with Darlene is all about helping you be the best gardener you can be!

Harvest happiness

Harvest bounty
Harvest bounty

Come join us and be a part of the celebration of gardening. As we are heading toward our second month anniversary celebration, A Garden Party for Your Soul, as we call it here at Around The Garden with Darlene, means we’ll be sharing more recipes and decorations as we get ready for the holiday season ahead.

Lettuce (a little garden humor) hear from you!

Thanks for sharing your dirt!