Saving The Garden From Frost.

Winter is coming…

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Saving the garden from frost is on every Colorado gardener’s mind this week.

It’s time to celebrate again at Around The Garden With Darlene, featuring new videos on our YouTube Channel! Come along and watch some preventive action in the garden. Get started and protect the garden from the frost and cold weather coming soon to a garden near you.

Yesterday, here at Around The Garden With Darlene had to make some fast decisions about the harsh weather coming into town yesterday. It took about 5 hours to cover, harvest, and secure everything before temperatures dropped 50 degrees overnight in Colorado. The entire Rocky Mountain Region is getting some extreme weather this week. As a result, you can check out our new YouTube channel for 3 new videos for how to protect your garden from cold weather damage. We make it easy to learn these lifesaving tips for your garden. Hurry or you might miss your chance to save the plants!

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Use simple items like flower pots, sheets, and rocks to secure your plants from wind and cold. Learn more from our tips about Saving The Garden From Frost. Subscribe today to see future videos!

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Stay warm gardeners!!

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