The BEST zucchini pancakes

Yes, these are the BEST I’ve ever made or tasted.

The recipe posted below is from someone else(thank you Ina Garten and Food Network), but the photos and tips are all from my kitchen.

Let’s start with how to prepare the zucchini. Perhaps you’ve been away from your garden for a few days and you wind up with a harvest that looks something like this.

Chop, chop

Zucchini harvest for the week

Let’s start with chopping. Yes, there is a little bit you need to do before stuffing it down the tube of the magic machine. Use a sharp knife, I find the larger ones to be more effective. If you are dealing with one about the size of your arm, cut it in half or smaller chunks no more than 6″ long.

Getting seedy

Then use a spoon to scoop out the seeds. (You can dry them or roast them, but that’s another blog post for someday.)

Adapt the instructions to other smaller aka “normal” sizes.

Now, out comes the food processor. What, is a food processor you say? The machine from yesteryear sitting somewhere in your basement because what would you ever use THAT for?

Ta, da….behold the beauty of my Cuisinart food processor and the julienne attachment.

The Julienne attachment blade for the Cuisinart Food Processor.

Back to the chopping, your goal is to make large pieces that you can insert into the food “pro”. Once you are ready, plug in that beast and start shredding. For one gigantic zucchini to become a mountain of shredded zucchini, it takes less than a minute. Girl Scout’s honor, for real! Watch the magic happen in this video below.

Tun up the volume!!!! The Cuisinart Food Processor in action

After shredding, you could start cooking. After a little research and experience, I have discovered if you drain them, or at the very least pat them dry with a towel you’ll be happier with your results. See below for my idea on how to do this.

I put the shredded zucchini into a large colander. You can drain it over the sink or in another bowl to catch the water that seeps out. If you want to speed the process or work out some anger, get a large spoon or maybe a meat mallet and squeeze the water out.

Drain, drain, and drain again

Leave it a while, then repeat. I also use about 3 times the flour called for fo keep them a little firmer.

Play with the recipe and amounts to get just the right combination for you. The longer you can wait, the drier and less squishy your pancakes will be. And NO one wants a squishy pancake-yuck!

Let’s get cooking!

So you’ve got this shredded goodness, somewhat less juicy, now it’s time to get cooking. Follow the recipe as directed or make changes as desired.

This recipe says to use butter in the pan to get a nice brown coat. I like to use a light cooking spray. It keeps the calories down and tastes great. Maybe not as great as butter but I’m willing to make the sacrifice on this recipe. I don’t notice much of a difference. I try to remember to respray the pan during the flipping process to keep it from sticking.

Small, medium, and large pancakes

For fun, I make small and large sizes. Thinner seems to cook and taste better to me. These can be served with a meal or stolen right out of the pan! Once people try these, you might need to hide some for later. I have a neighbor than comes over, eats several here, and packs a stack to go with her.

Eat some now, save some for later

If you are not eating them right away, make sure they cool a bit before storing it. This avoids the dreaded squishy pancake. Try using some kind of paper towel or wax paper to keep them separated as well.

Kid friendly zucchini pancakes

If your kids don’t think they like vegetables, this could be the start of a new day of healthy eating for them. Trust me, if they don’t eat them you will. Enjoy and happy gardening!

Here is the original recipe:

Thanks for sharing your dirt!