Morning Glory

Welcome a new day with a flowering Morning Glory vine.

What a great way to start your day, with some cheery photographs of a Morning Glory vine with deep purple blooms. This one was actually a surprise in my garden this year. I was weeding the garden next to the fence and noticed the green leaves attached to a very long thin stem. As I followed it along, I saw the stem branched out into several arms. My discovery was actually a vine. It must have germinated from a seed that must have come off one of last year’s flowers. Like a #salvagegardener feat of nature!

Much to my delight (by now you have probably sensed purple flowers are my favorite) the flowers were a deep purple with an electric pink veined center.

Purple morning glories starting a new day.

They have been creeping along the fence posts for a few weeks now, each morning is filled with more purple joy.
Did you know that morning glories are only in their glory in the morning? For real! They open as the daylight begins and close as the heat of the day starts.
They are also available in a variety of other colors including pink and blue. You can start them with seed if you’re ambitious. Follow the golden rule of gardening and make sure they stay hydrated. The stems are very thin and one dry day will send them to certain death.
Around noon, they actually have wrapped themselves into what reminds me of a piece of hard candy.

The afternoon nap of the Morning Glory

You can see it’s something special, but you’ll have to wait until the morning to enjoy the glory all over again.

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  1. Mary Kay Burridge says:

    That’s pretty awesome! Had no idea!!

Thanks for sharing your dirt!