Cart, cart, cart

Your garden cart can be the treasure chest of your yard.

Carting around the garden is much more fun than hauling things around by hand. The garden cart is your friend, read on to find out why.

A friend who was moving from a house with a garden into a smaller space gifted me with one she had used for years. Being the #salvagegardener I gratefully accepted this gift and then metaphorical wheels in my head began turning.

Power sanding tool by Ryobi

The first thing to do was to give it a rinse with the hose and then evaluate the condition of the cart. I decided to use my power sander with some heavy grit sandpaper to smooth out the rusty spots. I bought this electric sander at Home Depot for about $25. It does the job quickly and inexpensively. I was also able to chip off some uneven paint patches with a screwdriver.

Then it was time to prime the metal. I used a spray primer that would also resist rust and covered the area in black. If you decide to do this, remember to tape off any parts of the wheels or handles you don’t want to cover with a different color. Painters tape with a low residue adhesive is ideal. It will cover the spots you don’t want painted and won’t take off paint under it you want to protect. You can skip this part and may have the displeasure of repeating the entire process in a few years Choose wisely fellow gardeners.

I chose a green color like the original paint job and it looks great on this model. You can also consider a mix of colors or a bright color for some extra pop in your space. Maybe even your favorite team’s colors for a game day tailgate party. Since I painted this outside and am not exactly a professional painter, there were a few sloppy spots and drips. I stained our patio with purple paint that soaked through a sheet on an earlier project. This time I used a plastic tarp on top of the on the grass. Much better idea, you can cut the grass much faster than removing paint from cement. Tip: make sure your drop cloth doesn’t let paint through it.

Painting in progress

After letting the paint dry at least 24 hours, I went back in with some sanding and repainting to make sure this new surface lasted for many years. I When selecting the type of paint, make sure it is for outdoor use so it doesn’t fade or chip quickly. I used a brush for this project to make sure I got into all the small sections of the grid. If you have an area where the spray paint won’t get on everything else, that would make the job a little faster. Make sure to cover surrounding surfaces so you don’t create a new clean up project for yourself.

New set of tires on the garden cart.

The tires were flat and one was damaged when I brought it home. I tried using a bicycle pump to inflate them but after a few days, it was obvious some upgrades were in order. I went online to find some tires and that turned into a new project. The original tires didn’t have the size on the outside, so trying to find a new set was frustrating. First I searched garden cart tires, then went to sites like Amazon without success. It turned out to buy tires without a size is a hopeless endeavor. So I took off one of the tires and went to a local tire store. The service advisor asked the same question, LOL. I showed him the tires and said if he could figure that out I’d buy 4 new tires. It took a few minutes and another employee to decide to take the tire off the rim. (This is one fancy cart-tires with rims!) Inside the tire revealed the size and as promised I ordered 4 of them. It took about a week for them to come in and the installation was just a few hours. The new tires have some serious looking treads similar to some off-road truck tires. They roll smoothly and look great. The total cost for a set of 4 tires including mounting on the rims was around $100 and well worth it .
With the paint dry and the new tires attached, I was ready to roll. This particular cart has some great features like all 4 sides can be raised or lowered and a great little metal tray with a grid-like bottom that can be placed on the top.

Removable tray from garden cart.

The tray is a great way to protect delicate plants or keep your smaller tools organized and easy to access.
Garden carts aren’t only for your garden. I love the fact, I can fold this up flat and store it in our shed or put it into a car for easy transport for places such as a festival or shopping trip at an outdoor market. It’s a breeze to get all those bags, coolers, and decorations for your picnic site inside. Go ahead and keep your eyes out for all kinds of new and used garden carts. Your body and your wallet with thank you.

Around The Garden with Darlene’s Favorite things to use your cart for:

  • Cart your plants and supplies instead of carrying them.
  • Load it up at the farmer’s market or pumpkin patch.
  • Bring it to the beach, mountains, or campground to move around things faster and in less trips.
  • Kids and some dogs love to ride in carts!

Get carting my friends!

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