Pretty ways to enjoy your flowers

Do you shop on Etsy? Do you know what it is? Go ahead and give it a quick look

You’re welcome. Your wallet will be much thinner now so you can tell people, “oh yes I have lost weight.” Etsy is a genius idea for anyone to open their own “online” store. You can find anything from homemade to vintage, and beyond. Many stores also do custom orders for clothing and accessories.

One day I decided I wanted a way to display flowers on a wall. Sounds easier said than done. Have you seen many containers that can do this? Probably not, usually there is a shelf involved in this kind of set up. So, off I went to Etsy in search of a glass wall vase. I wanted something small and simple for the wall by the bathroom sink. It’s such a bright start and end to the day when you can enjoy a fresh flower in an unexpected place.

After a lot of search, save, search again, I found this piece of perfection shown above. It’s about the size of a Hershey bar and has a simple string to hang on a nail. It came pretty quickly, as the item was in stock. It took about 2 seconds to put up. I use it for my most prized blooms and it gives me great joy. If you are interested in checking out the shop, you can go to to browse their wares. The colorful objects are beautiful and you’ll be supporting a small business.

Now I’m off to find the next superstar for my wall vase. Feel free to share your favorite wall vase photos here. I’d love to see them.

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  1. Donna Saladino says:

    That would look great in my small bathroom.

Thanks for sharing your dirt!