Iris….The Great Divide

This is how you know it’s time for the Great Divide and Conquer project of separating your iris.  They are now in a large clump as seen in the picture above.

Unlike the single stem blooms when they were first planted….remember how you wished they would multiply? Keep reading for what to do next.

Once you’re ready to conquer grab a shovel with a sharp point, garden gloves, and a container to hold your newly separated iris.   First, I take the shovel and loosen up the soil around the outer edge of the clump.   If the soil is really dry(as it often is around Denver, Colorado where we are located), use the hose to add moisture.  Once the soil is damp continue with the shovel to raise the tubers about the ground level.  Then the fun begins, if you are really up for a workout, you can rip them into smaller pieces by hand.  You can slice them up with the point of your shovel.  If you have excellent health insurance and an ER near, by all means, break out your machete and start chopping.

When you’re done, put them in a plastic bag or container.

Now, you’re ready to share or trade for other colors…enjoy!

Thanks for sharing your dirt!