Trellis Tuesday

Spaghetti squash making a home on a trellis

If the plants of the garden are the art, then it’s the trellis that frames them. Trellis can be bought or found in nature.

Today’s feature is a lovely scrolling metal frame about 6 feet tall. The spaghetti squash were taking over all the ground floor space in the garden, so I thought I’d try moving up with this one. I waited until the vine was about 6 feet long before I started wrapping it around the trellis. Once it got settled, it started to grow and wrap delicate tendrils around the metal frame. If the plant you want to trellis is a little resistant at first, try a twist tie or zip tie to secure the plant. Keep it adjustable or slightly larger than the vine to allow for growth. If you take the zip tie option, you may also consider removing it and replacing it with a larger size as the plant continues upward.

And just for fun…this is what another trellis at the same site looked like BEFORE the #salvagegardener worked her magic. Always been on the lookout for free treasures!

The trellis as seen at an about to be demolished house.

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