Pumpkin Spice and more that makes Fall nice.

Harvest season is here, Pumpkin Spice everything is in the air.

The cool, sunny, and beautiful Autumn season has started to show it’s colors. We’re falling in love with Fall.

Sunflowers reaching for the sky

Well after that snowstorm we had in Denver this week, we’re back to Fall. And it’s beautiful, sunny and cool. The leaves are starting to change and the pumpkins and sunflowers are growing strong. Whether you started them from a seed or a small plant from your local garden center, start reaping the rewards now. And I’m not just talking about all those reward stars you get from buying your Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks.

Baby pumpkins learn to climb

If you have the adorably cute and smaller pumpkins, like the “Wee B Little” you might even consider leading them up the steps of a vintage wooden ladder or wrapping them around a trellis or fence. This could be an excellent background for some fall family photos. Remember, holiday cards are coming soon to a mailbox near you. With everyone stuck at home, you know they are going to be extra special this year.

Take care to check for leaky pumpkins.

If you have a larger variety such as a Sugar Pie pumpkin, you might have a few that can be cut off the vine and placed around your home for decoration today. A tip for the inside decor; Make sure you put a plate or some kind of tray under the pumpkin. I learned this lesson when I was a child. We could not figure out why there were dark watery marks on the basement ceiling. After a few days, my mother noticed it was one of our pumpkins, rotting, and leaking through the floor by the front door into the basement. It was a stinky mess. This week, I had a flashback as one of my friends, put a leaking pumpkin on her wood floor.

When she picked it up, it was running water out of the bottom and went straight into the sink. Now’s it’s on the cement porch out front. It looks great from the outside, and I’ll leave the insides to your imagination.

Tina on Squirrel watch, protecting the garden.

Onto pumpkins being outside in their natural habitat. Beware of non-Halloween gremlins that might take a few nibbles. Squirrels and birds are little hungry villains, so if you need to try some kind physical barrier, consider using some kind of mesh material to cover the top of the fruit or vegetables. There are specific kinds of garden mesh available. A thrifty option would be some old window screens or a mosquito netting you already own. The solution at my house is to let the dog out to chase them away. Our dog Tina loves to do that and we have very little crop damage. She and the squirrels have a very special relationship.

Garden carts carry your harvest home.

And you may want to check the post about refurbishing my garden cart under the DIY Projects section of this site. If you get a really big harvest or even go to pick your own at a commercial patch, bring the wagon along. It will hold a few pumpkins and maybe even some tired children.

Get yourself some Pumpkin Spice and fill up your cart and enjoy the garden!

Harvest bounty Fall centerpiece

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