Stretching your Salvage $

Yellow columbines (left-fresh from the ground, right-a year later in its new garden)

Last summer, I saw 2 homes fenced off and ready for demolition. I think it was fate my dog, Tina, and the developer had the same name. I was granted permission to take whatever I wanted from the very dry and droopy garden. I dug up a bunch of great plants from the backyard and was ready to pack up and head home.

Instead, I did one last stroll around the yard and found a few scarce and leggy yellow columbines. The grass around them was dead and dry dirt was everywhere. I thought, why not save them. They are certainly not going to thrive before the bulldozer comes in and destroys them.

With a dash of hope, I put them in my front planters willing them to rebuild their strength over the winter. To my delight, it’s over a year later and these beautiful yellow perennials are still going strong. They are over a foot tall and the last ones alive in the neighborhood. Fellow gardeners taught me the rule of “give it one season”. Sometimes that’s all it takes for a full recovery for your new favorite #salvagegardener flower to bloom again.

Thanks for sharing your dirt!