Don’t get beat by beets

Fresh beets

Beets have been a challenge for me to grow. I love seeing their full green leaves with the magenta veins popping out. It makes me wonder what’s happening below their beautiful display. Early in my experiments, I harvested all wrong.

First, much to my dismay when I pulled the greens they popped off the beet. What? Aren’t they supposed to be like a handle to get these things out of the ground? Sadly, the answer is no. So to avoid disappointment, when you pick your first beet use a shovel or garden fork to gently loosen up the soil first. Then you can lift them out of the dirt with the leafy handles still attached.

Another hint to keep you happy is to move some of the dirt away from the top of the beet. The greens might look tall and healthy but it takes much longer for the beets to get large enough to eat. It could take 2-3 months! Don’t fret, this works out well since they will be ready after the rest of your garden is starting to fade in the Fall.

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  1. RB says:

    Eat the greens too!

Thanks for sharing your dirt!