Aspen flowers

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The answer is always yes.

Yes you are 100% correct. Aspen trees do NOT have flowers.

The city of Aspen has flowers, during the warmer months that are absolutely amazing. Personally, I think it would be worth a trip just to stroll around and check out the color floral displays. They are inside, outside, hanging baskets, and flower pots on the ground. Check out the information on travels here :

Restaurants seem to have particularly appealing settings to lure people in. Sometimes if you are lucky you are seated in one of these little gardens in a glamorous mountain setting. The smell of fall coming in the or the crispness that comes before an Aspen snowstorm. It’s real and you can visit all year round.

Aspen has a stereotype for being only for the rich and famous. Well, I can assure you I am not in either category and have always felt welcome in Aspen, Colorado.

Let’s start with the mountain itself, that’s the original draw and the silver mines.

Then we had the training grounds for the 10th mountain division of the United States Army. The was the precursor to what we now call downhill or snow skiing.

At any time of the year, skier or not you can take a scenic gondola ride up the mountain. Every direction has magnificent views. You can even enjoy wildflowers when the snow isn’t covering the slopes.

These days the restaurant scene is serving every kind of cuisine imaginable . Aspen also hosts an annual Aspen Food & Wine Festival where admission can cost over $1000. In my opinion, the views are always million dollar views around town and the mountains of Aspen. With settings like this who wouldn’t dream about a day in the mountains in a city called Aspen?

Outdoor dining Aspen style

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