Hanging baskets

The beauty of hanging baskets always takes me by surprise. Maybe it’s because you are looking up at such a kaleidoscope of color. Or it could be because yours looks dead, the day after you put it out. Let’s start with the basic life support. Set an alarm to water daily. If the basket is in direct sun, make that 2 alarms. You can use a watering can or pitcher, whatever is easiest. Make sure you soak it. It’s ok if it starts dripping. For extra points, catch it in your container and water it again. Now let’s talk about what makes a great display. I found an article on Pinterest that states you need a thrill, spill, and fill for successful arrangements. Your thrill is the eyecatching large plant or insanely bright colored plant in the middle. The spill is something like a vine that will create length. The fill can be flowers or greenery or a mix of annuals. Use a good quality potting soil and fertilize regularly. Safety tip: Make sure where you hang, it will support the weight of your masterpiece before you begin. Then pour yourself a cool drink, sit back and relax.

Thanks for sharing your dirt!