The power of planning for a spring 2021 garden…in the fall.

Fall???? Are you kidding? It’s going to be near 100 degrees in most U.S. cities for the next week! My friends, this is the time to start thinking about those ugly gaps in your garden. Are your tulips, daffodils, and even your allium bulbs dried, dead, funky-looking blooms starting to make you think you should replace them “soon”? Now is a great time to start getting inspired and even placing orders through your favorite online catalogs. One I have used and like is John Scheepers, click to view their site: They have all kinds of bulbs and pictures too! If you are like me and your garden theme is “more is never enough” plant A LOT of flowers. Consider if you are planting for outside only or using some for inside #flowerarrangements. Please check out the website specials. These are a great value of a mix of bulbs. My alliums are from John Scheepers and they and are going to need a little refresh this fall on the large one, but the smaller ones have gone wild. They also have a great mix of every kind of tulip imaginable; big, small, mixed colors, shapes and sizes. Enjoy browsing. Here are some photos of my past purchases.

Thanks for sharing your dirt!